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History of St. Luke 

St. Luke Evangelical Lutheran Church, founded in 1887, has a rich history.  The land on which St. Luke sits today was originally given to the School District by William and Minnie Mohlenbrock in 1881 for $1.00.  The first school building in Campbell Hill was located here.  On August 28, 1886, August and Sophie Dudenbostel purchased the land for $30.00, and later gave the land to the church.  In 1887, a group of German pioneer settlers formed a church where they could worship God according to their religious beliefs.  This church was formed because of strong faith in God and the power of the Holy Spirit working among its founders:  August Dudenbostel, F.D. Dudenbostel, Henry F. Knop, Carl Heineke, Fritz Thies, Wilhelm Hartmann, Christian Heineke, C.W. Wahlmann, Johann Burmeister, Fred Meyer, Henry Vogt, Freidrich Froemling, and Gust Priebe.

The cornerstone for a new church building was laid on June 7, 1914 and the building was dedicated on December 22, 1914.  In 1918, the parcel of land to the south of the church was added.  In 1939, the congregation of St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church at Bryden Crossing (Oraville) merged with St. Luke.  1941 saw the purchase and installation of a new organ from Wick Organ Company.  During World War II, use of the German language began to be replaced with English for some parts of the service.  In about 1952, the use of the German language was discontinued altogether in worship.  A new parsonage was completed in 1950.  The stained glass windows were installed in 1958, donated by several members of the congregation.  In 1962, the basement was finished under the church, which allowed more room for Sunday School classes and also included a new kitchen.  In 1986, a major addition was added to the rear of the church building, providing Sunday School rooms and office space. 


St. Luke was founded as an independent Lutheran church.  St. Luke joined the Wartburg Synod in 1908.  St. Luke is now a member church of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.


Some of the ministries that have taken place at St. Luke over the last 125 years include:  over 1,000 baptisms, several hundred members confirmed, married, and buried, over 100 years of Sunday School, 75 years of Vacation Bible School, Ladies Aid Society/ Women's Missionary Society/ Lutheran Church Women/ Women of the ELCA, Luther League/ Lutheran Youth Organization, and several choirs.


Pastors who have served St. Luke:

  • 1888 - Pastor F. H. Schumann

  • 1890 - Pastor F. End

  • 1891-1896 - Pastor Robert Lengen

  • 1896-1901 - Pastor Andrew Meyer

  • 1902-1938 - Pastor Friedrich Wilhelm Repke

  • 1938-1973 - Pastor Arnold H. Kaitschuk

  • 1973-1977 - Pastor David H. Allin

  • 1977-1982 - Pastor Troy C. Hedrick

  • 1982-1989 - Pastor Philip A. Gronbach

  • 1990-1995 - Pastor Harold W. Grafe

  • 1995-2005 - Pastor Howard N. Ellis

  • 2006-2010 - Pastor Raymond Barclay

  • 2010-2012 - Pastor Laura Kamprath and Pastor Matthew Kamprath

  • 2012-2016 - Pastor Matthew Kamprath

As part of our 125th Anniversary Celebration, we held a Reunion Sunday on June 10, 2012.  On this day, we honored those members of St. Luke who are direct descendants of the founding members.


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